Seunta LLC is a professional resin model casting and mold making company using rotational casting technology to produce hollow cast resin models, with pressure casting available for solid models. We have been enjoying the model horse hobby since 1972. We also offer in-house high resolution 3D SLS scanning and SLA resin printing in order to provide prototypes for reproduction in different sizes.
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Elfin (traditional) size models are being put out to pasture!

As we begin our focus on mini model production, most traditional size artist resin model horses are being put out to pasture and will no longer be available to the public.  Each year we will bring a variety of them out for the annual summer and holiday sales. During the year only one will be available to purchase for one month at a time and the selling will coincide with the production of their mini model.  Read more about the upcoming changes here >
A few weeks are remaining before they are put away. Until that time enjoy 20% off of any model you would like to grab while they are available. The discount is automatically deducted from the total on any order at checkout.

View Seunta models in a 3D viewer.  Available viewers are marked on the main photo for each model.