Seunta LLC is a resin model casting and mold making company using rotational casting technology to produce hollow cast resin models. We have been enjoying the model horse hobby since 1972.   read more about us › 

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Model Horses

Our models are not made to order. All sales are from inventory so that there is no wait for your model to be shipped to you. Beginning with holiday season 2015 no casting orders are taken for horses not in inventory. Models remain safely packed  in the gift box they are shipped in.  Starting at only $95.

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Casting Services

Our full service manufacturing for the artist includes mold making, casting and cleaning, with direct shipping from Seunta. All of our services are backed by excellent customer service delivered in a timely and friendly manner. Secure online documentation is available for the artist to follow their project.

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Casting Affiliates

Browse the gallery of artist resin models that are available from artists currently enjoying our casting services. Purchase a model directly from the sculpting artists and add something new to your collection!

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