The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
— Pablo Picasso


We accept casting projects as time allows, and you are welcome to inquire.  A casting inquiry form is provided for your convenience.

We provide rotocasting for production of hollow models, in addition to pressure casting for solid models.

We maintain meticulous documentation on each project which is available to the artist online 24/7. This documentation provides important timely information that the artist can follow in real time. The documentation includes an overview of each model in production with current mold condition, quantity produced from the mold, all sales by date, production costs, and all shipping/tracking in order of date.

We cast each model horse that is sold, on location, at Seunta LLC. This assures hands-on quality control and allows us to provide direct customer service. No short-cuts are used in bringing you top quality model horses for the best possible value! Each model horse is hollow cast using rotational casting technology and stainless steel wire reinforcement. When producing resin model horses we use standard industry materials for mold making and casting. Bright white polyurethane, Smooth Cast 300, is the most common material we use although other resins may be used when producing colored horses or animals. 

Sculptures must be original creations. Seunta will not reproduce any model that has a Breyer horse, Stone model horse, or resin model authored by someone else within any part of a sculpture.  This includes using someone else's creation as armature.  It does not matter what percentage of the model has been changed, it does not matter if it can be considered a new creation due to extreme changes.  Collaborations between several artists are acceptable with necessary permissions being granted for reproduction.


Mold Making

Our techniques provide a very clean face for the model as we mold the head without any seam line. In addition to that our pouring technique does not require a pour spout therefore there is no sprue to cut off of the model and the model is produced free of that possible blemish.

We take extra care to provide customers with models that do not have unsightly shadings from leg wires or wire breaking through the surface of the resin. While some of this may not make a difference in a model that is going to be painted immediately, many collectors will have their model on a shelf for a very long time before they are painted. Our goal is to provide a beautiful model straight from the caster and not necessarily just a blank canvas.