American Saddlebred Mare
by Sherry Carr, Seunta LLC


Elfin size - 1:9 scale - 7" at withers

Overall dimensions: 10" tall to ear tips x 9.5" long

Hollow cast with stainless steel wire reinforcement

Released October 2014
Sold Out Limited Edition of 25 pieces
No longer produced/ Mold destroyed

By the time of the Revolutionary War, a horse called simply "the American horse" was a recognized type. These horses had the size and beauty of the Thoroughbred, but retained the ability to learn the easy-riding gaits. These animals were used for riding, to pull carriages and for other work. They were prized for a pleasant temperament, eagerness, strength and stamina.

There was continual crossing with Thoroughbreds, along with other breeds including Arabian and Morgan. Thus, when the first horse shows were held in Kentucky and Virginia in the early 1800s, American Saddlebreds, generally referred to as Kentucky Saddlers at that time, were frequently judged the winners because of their beauty, style and utility.

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