Seunta LLC is Johnathan & Sherry Carr. Our backgrounds are in computer science and related technologies, dentistry, horses, and art. We have been enjoying the model horse hobby since 1972: BreyerFest, the IL conventions, pen pals (oh, the good ole days), sales list browsing, decorator hunting, and horse hugging.



We love horses and it shows...
I attribute my survival of ovarian cancer, at the young age of 29, to my passion for horses. The 20+ years that followed cancer treatment were filled with showing on the APHA national circuit and raising Paint horses at the family farm "Angel Dance Hill". This left little time to dwell on survival statistics. In 2001 Breyer honored this experience by offering a portrait of our horse, Silky Keno, to collectors. Keno was a guest horse at the 2001 BreyerFest with proceeds from the sale of her model benefiting the American Cancer Society. The Peter Stone Company also honored the memory of my late (first) husband, John Tuvell, with another limited edition portrait of Silky Keno in 2006. Photos of the models can be seen on the ADH collection webpage, within the Seunta site.

Lately, our geeky interests have taken us to many conventions where cosplayers dive into using some of the same materials that model horse manufacturing requires.


Welcome to Seunta - an enchanted place...
Mold making and casting felt natural to me. I have worked for many years as a dental assistant with much of that time spent in the lab making molds, adjusting appliances, and pouring castings of teeth. Working in the dental lab required precision and skill with little room for error. Most of the hand pieces and burrs used to bring out the fine details on a model are taken from dentistry. 

With years of casting experience behind us, we have developed our own techniques and thoroughly enjoy the entire process of manufacturing models. We now have several rotocasters and an expanding shop in order to create model horses on location. 

We maintain high standards and no short cuts are taken in order to deliver the highest quality model possible. There are a limited quantity of models available at any given time, however. We have always been fueled by our obligation to other people and are privileged to have our models travel to almost every country on the globe. Your support is very humbling and deeply appreciated.

A history of artisans...
I grew up around artists and have always been involved in art as well. My grandfather, Dewitt Curtis, was commissioned to revive the historical Cyclorama (world's largest oil painting) at Grant Park in Atlanta, GA. He was in the Navy and also helped to develop some of the camouflage colors that are still used today. His artistic influence is woven throughout the history of Atlanta as he founded the first painters guild in the city and custom painted furniture for Presidents Roosevelt and Truman. Many local articles were written about his ability to make a piece of wood look like marble, or turn some very simple material in to something new. My mother is a painter and sculptor too. I've never lived in a place that didn't have an artists retreat somewhere inside of it. 


We are here for you...
We are now offering outside casting services. We accept projects as time allows, and you are welcome to inquire

We offer exclusive, unique model horses that have been created by experienced, listed artists just for Seunta LLC. We will continue to add to the $95 line as often as possible and will also carry limited models, in a different price range, on occasion.

Our background in art, dentistry, and technology allows us to bring a wide range of skill to our shop. As Seunta grows, the circle of friends continues to expand and the inspiration to create new models brings a fresh challenge to the future. Thank you for making all of the years with Seunta LLC extremely rewarding and inspirational! 

from “The Shrinky Lab” article:
Sherry Carr finished her college degree, and post graduate studies, in computer science along with husband Johnathan Carr. Sherry’s family includes a long line of artists. Her Grandfather created pieces for Presidents Truman and Roosevelt, completed restoration work for the City of Atlanta, mixed colors for the US Navy and founded the first painter’s guild in the city. Sherry has enjoyed sculpting alongside her mother for many years. At Johnathan & Sherry’s company, Seunta LLC, art meets science and each piece is created with great admiration and reverence for the horse. Seunta LLC is located on the family farm where many generations of paint horses have been born.

Our Seunta pronunciation is "Shane-ta"

"bha e na àite seunta" - In Scottish Gaelic, "it was an enchanted place". 
There are several pronunciations of "Seunta" - "SHAYnta" (or "SHEEunta"). It means blessed or enchanted.
[Mark, Colin. The Gaelic—English Dictionary. New York: Routledge, 2004.]

Pronunciation of the Shiant island name
na h-eileanan mora and na h-eileanan seunta.