Airen Chandler

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Art is my expression and interpretation, visually, of the emotion garnered from the exquisite beauty of life and nature around me. The shapes, colors, and textures of nature are my inspiration. The striations of color in my dog’s eye, swirling cloud forms, the velvety stripes of a bumblebee, fuzzy grass seed heads, swirls of tree bark, tiny feet prints in soft soil, ripples of water in a stream, frothing waves on the beach, a rainbow in misted water drops, motes of dust floating in a beam of sunshine, the silhouette of bare tree branches against the setting sun, the iridescence of an insect wing, the patterns in rock formations. These natural beauties catch my eye and fill me with awe and wonder. My art is a humble attempt to honor all the elements that came together in such forms. 

I love the organic fluidity of painting with encaustic wax. I may choose the color pallet, and apply the wax, but the interactions and movement form an animate beauty and natural grace.

I studied art at Southern Illinois University, but I consider myself to be life taught. I have created through many forms and media and gained an education in every endeavor. Every piece gives a new lesson and experience. Hopefully to the viewer as well as the artist.
— Airen

Models cast by Seunta: