JP Giacomini



JP has published over 100 articles on the history, training and the philosophy of horsemanship and dressage. He is currently preparing a practical guide to french dressage doctrine and another book that is a unique contribution to the training process in 3 different languages.

Jean-Philippe Giacomini is an international level rider, trainer and coach. He and his wife Shelly own and operate Baroque Farms Usa in Kentucky a short distance from the World Famous Kentucky Horse Park. JP travels internationally offering clinics and sharing his knowledge.

Few horseman today have had the opportunity to be an eye witness and train under the tutelage of the late and great Dressage Masters of all time. JP studied with and experienced this first hand and is now considered to be one of the few remaining true Masters of training Piaffe and Passage. 

It is literally a privilege to speak with JP and an honor to see him work. I learned more about riding by simply hearing him share over a lunch conversation than in all of my many years of pursuing the art of dressage. There is so much value in understanding the History of dressage and grasping the absolutes within the fundamentals. JP is a complete package... a true Master and a fascinating man.
— owner Hidden Promise Sporthorses

A new dressage model, sculpted by the multi-talented JP Giacomini, will be released mid December 2017. Casting & shipping from Seunta LLC. Mini copies to follow.


Christina Riley

Meet I.C.E., an original sculpture that I’ve been working on since 2016! Yes, perhaps a silly little name for an Akhal Teke filly but here’s the story behind it: I.C.E. stands for “I Can’t Even”, a quote which was said quite often by myself and another hobbyist during a sculpture workshop we were participating in. It pretty much summed up the frustrations we were having on our sculpts throughout the process and it just sort of stuck with the piece ...ergo, the name I.C.E. :)

Anyway, this cutie is to be released in resin very soon! She would be considered (large) traditional scale.
The foal measures approximately 6.5” Long x 6” High x 1 3/8” Wide.
The base measures approximately: 5” Long x 3/4” High x 2” Wide.
— Christina

Models cast by Seunta:


I.C.E. (contact Christina)


Oksana Kuks

My name is Oksana Kuks and I am from Novosibirsk, Russia. 
I’ve been addicted to horses since I was a child. In my works be it an original sculpture or a plastic custom I try to share my love and admiration for these animals and make them not only anatomically correct, but bring life and soul into each piece. 
I have released original works in micro mini and stablemate scales and now have some plans on several other sized sculptures. However, minis seem to be my favorites, despite all the challenges they bring. I try to improve with every newest piece.
— Oksana

Models cast by Seunta:


Agate (contact Oksana)


Oleg Bazhenov

Oleg is incredibly talented. Below are videos of him singing his original songs...


Models cast by Seunta:




Airen Chandler

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Art is my expression and interpretation, visually, of the emotion garnered from the exquisite beauty of life and nature around me. The shapes, colors, and textures of nature are my inspiration. The striations of color in my dog’s eye, swirling cloud forms, the velvety stripes of a bumblebee, fuzzy grass seed heads, swirls of tree bark, tiny feet prints in soft soil, ripples of water in a stream, frothing waves on the beach, a rainbow in misted water drops, motes of dust floating in a beam of sunshine, the silhouette of bare tree branches against the setting sun, the iridescence of an insect wing, the patterns in rock formations. These natural beauties catch my eye and fill me with awe and wonder. My art is a humble attempt to honor all the elements that came together in such forms. 

I love the organic fluidity of painting with encaustic wax. I may choose the color pallet, and apply the wax, but the interactions and movement form an animate beauty and natural grace.

I studied art at Southern Illinois University, but I consider myself to be life taught. I have created through many forms and media and gained an education in every endeavor. Every piece gives a new lesson and experience. Hopefully to the viewer as well as the artist.
— Airen

Models cast by Seunta:


Kathleen Moody

Anyone familiar with model horses has heard the name Kathleen Moody. Like most of us, she started her collection as a child, only to pack the models away as 'real life' intruded. After moving to Arizona, she met collector Lynn Lindren and rediscovered model horses in the mid 1980's.

Kathleen created her first remake in 1986, and has never looked back! This talented and prolific artist has sculpted for Hartland Collectibles and DaBar Enterprises in addition to numerous pieces she's created for Breyer/Reeves International. Kathleen Moody is most well known for sculpting more than 50 equine models for Breyer from large scale porcelains to 1/32nd scale Stablemates and from 1/9th scale Traditional series Breyer models to her Carousel Horse holiday ornaments. Kathleen also sculpted a number of pieces for Hartland as well.


Models cast by Seunta:


Julie Brooks

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Julie was born and raised in west central Missouri and currently lives on a small farm about 45 minutes east of Kansas City, MO.  Julie developed a love for horses at an early age.  She has owned real horses and collected model horses for most of her life, and has always loved to draw and paint.  She has been customizing, painting and showing model horses for nearly 20 years. Her goal is to continue to develop her skills and learn as much as she can to make her work as realistic as possible.


Models cast by Seunta:

$185 (contact Julie)

75.00 165.00

Hazel Vickers

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Hazel Vickers of Parāone Pony Studios. Hazel has only recently begun sculpting, starting less than two years ago although she has practiced art since childhood and has loved animals especially horses since anyone can remember. Her work is finely detailed and she tries to capture both movement and quirks of the equine. A student of the horse.

From New Zealand, a dairy farmer by trade at the age of 18, she stopped practicing art for a while to focus on her continued study and job with long hours, meeting her other half and moving to Australia. She had twins, and never able to sit around doing nothing she returned to art, having always wanted to paint a model horse but never finding one cheap or that she liked enough she researched and began sculpting her own in Super Sculpey. So far she has created 5 pieces. The first to be cast, Hōiho a Classic scale Kaimanawa stallion she self cast. As her kids grow her time for casting has dissapeared so she has happily turned to us for her casting needs.


Models cast by Seunta:


Lady Eathelyn


Amy DeWaal

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Amy is a newly starting out artist currently studying Biology at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. Her fascination with art and horses started at a young age. As a child, she could often be found making drawings or other little art works at school instead of doing her maths exercises. Or helping out at the local stable in the weekends, where she could pet and brush the horses. 

Amy has been in the model horse hobby for over 10 years, collecting anything horse shaped. During that time, she gained experience in customizing and sculpting models, until finally, her sculptures really looked as detailed and spirited as their real life counterparts.


Models cast by Seunta:

Yasirah (stablemate size)


Sue Sifton

I grew up in Northern CA., and was a member of 4-H and Pony Club. My wonderful sister-in-law, Emily Carlton, ran River Oaks School of Riding in Potomac Md. where I worked in the summers.

A mold making apprenticeship with Chris Pardell, opened the door to working in the gift ware industry. Kitty Cantrell opened the door to the model horse world when she took me along to go to a Black Horse Ranch event at Karen Grimm’s barn, that lead to a call and an interview with Breyer Model Horses, that lead to many sculptures and trips to Breyerfest with my daughter or whole crew as a family adventure. Horsemen encouraged this passion into a career that family and friends believed in.
— Sue

Models cast by Seunta:

Happy Trails



Lisa Sharpe

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Lisa Sharpe was raised in Toronto and moved north to a horse farm at 12 years of age. She has ridden horses for many years showing on the jumper and barrel racing circuits as well as training many other disciplines of horsemanship. She then traded in her horse for horsepower.

Lisa has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Fashion Arts degree from Seneca College. She began sculpting horses in the early 2000’s and has sold resin horses all over the world. The aim of the horse sculptures is to achieve as realistic depiction of a horse as possible. Lisa has studied sculpture at several week long courses held by the American Academy of Equine Art in Lexington Kentucky.


Models cast by Seunta: