Sheila Bishop | Paloose Arts

Horses have always been my life. I was done in the first time I saw a carousel horse at the age of 2. I owned my first horse a Standardbred named I.C. Stars in 1982 and many others have blessed my life since then. I have done sorting, team penning, barrels, halter, reining and was a clinic junkie for 10 years.
— Sheila

Models 3D scanned/printed and resin cast by Seunta:


Brio Sombra to mini
(sold & shipped by Seunta)


Jade Malkemus | Seventh Seal Studio

I’ve been drawing horses as long as I can remember, and started customizing models in 2006, most of which never left my possession. In 2014 I did my first drastic custom, a zombie, made from the Breyer Family Arabian Stallion and the Running Arabian Stallion, though by the time I was done with it, maybe half of it was plastic. He gained a lot of attention and sold well, and has gone on to win multiple champion ribbons, even placing in the top three in his division at Breyerfest, and I knew at that point that I had found my specialty. In 2016 I released my first resin, a zombie pony-type by the name of Lazarus. Only 11 were made before the mold broke, but even today he still remains popular. I do still customize models, but my passion lies within sculpting, and creating a horse from scratch and having the freedom to do whatever I want with it, is truly liberating. While my focus and specialty may be in zombies, I do have plans in the future to release some “normal” horses, as well. In the end, it’s the art of sculpting that I love to do!
— Jade

Models cast by Seunta:


Zombie Horse (contact Jade)


D'Arry Jone Frank

My name is D’Arry Jone Frank, and I have sculpted horses and dogs for over-ahem-30 years! Where does the time go? My studio name is Prestige Farms, and I have produced highly competitive model horses for many years. I specialize in customizing plastic Breyers as well as Stone horses; but have also released original sculpture resin horses in limited runs.
— D'Arry

Models 3D scanned/printed and resin cast by Seunta:


Belle Starr to stablemate (contact D'Arry)


Jasmin Ruhland


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Jasmin has been in the hobby since 2007, although she started collecting model horses in her early childhood. Animals and especially horses always fascinated her, and after drawing them for years, she started capturing the souls of horses in sculptures. Her patience in observing every movement of the horse as a child has led her to create stunningly detailed sculptures by now. 

She has made several commissioned cust and paint jobs over the years, many of those won first prizes in live shows all over the world. Besides showing the beauty of nature, Jasmin wants to create a peace of art in every sculpture she makes. 

Jasmin has already turned her talent into her job. After having studied art and graphic design in Munich, she worked as a freelance designer and illustrator for many years, and is now creative director in a popular e-commerce StartUp. Her dream is to create model horses for a living. 


Models cast by Seunta:


Soraya (contact Jasmin)


Lilith (contact Jasmin)


Ilona Himmelmann

I grew up with horses and many, many other animals – so my fascination for (model) horses isn’t very surprising.

Over the last years sculpting and painting model horses meant a compensation to my everyday life, especially during the semester when I weren’t able to be at home and spending time with our animals or my family. I’m studying veterinary medicine in Munich (Germany) and will probably finish the study in March`18.

Meanwhile I’m collecting, sculpting and painting model horses for more than 10 years. And I never stopped to try to improve myself with every piece. 
— Ilona

Models cast by Seunta:


Bluebell (contact Ilona)


JP Giacomini


JP has published over 100 articles on the history, training and the philosophy of horsemanship and dressage. He is currently preparing a practical guide to french dressage doctrine and another book that is a unique contribution to the training process in 3 different languages.

Jean-Philippe Giacomini is an international level rider, trainer and coach. He and his wife Shelly own and operate Baroque Farms Usa in Kentucky a short distance from the World Famous Kentucky Horse Park. JP travels internationally offering clinics and sharing his knowledge.

Few horseman today have had the opportunity to be an eye witness and train under the tutelage of the late and great Dressage Masters of all time. JP studied with and experienced this first hand and is now considered to be one of the few remaining true Masters of training Piaffe and Passage. 

It is literally a privilege to speak with JP and an honor to see him work. I learned more about riding by simply hearing him share over a lunch conversation than in all of my many years of pursuing the art of dressage. There is so much value in understanding the History of dressage and grasping the absolutes within the fundamentals. JP is a complete package... a true Master and a fascinating man.
— owner Hidden Promise Sporthorses

Christina Riley

Meet I.C.E., an original sculpture that I’ve been working on since 2016! Yes, perhaps a silly little name for an Akhal Teke filly but here’s the story behind it: I.C.E. stands for “I Can’t Even”, a quote which was said quite often by myself and another hobbyist during a sculpture workshop we were participating in. It pretty much summed up the frustrations we were having on our sculpts throughout the process and it just sort of stuck with the piece ...ergo, the name I.C.E. :)

Anyway, this cutie is to be released in resin very soon! She would be considered (large) traditional scale.
The foal measures approximately 6.5” Long x 6” High x 1 3/8” Wide.
The base measures approximately: 5” Long x 3/4” High x 2” Wide.
— Christina

Models cast by Seunta:


I.C.E. (contact Christina)


Oksana Kuks

My name is Oksana Kuks and I am from Novosibirsk, Russia. 
I’ve been addicted to horses since I was a child. In my works be it an original sculpture or a plastic custom I try to share my love and admiration for these animals and make them not only anatomically correct, but bring life and soul into each piece. 
I have released original works in micro mini and stablemate scales and now have some plans on several other sized sculptures. However, minis seem to be my favorites, despite all the challenges they bring. I try to improve with every newest piece.
— Oksana

Models cast by Seunta:


Agate (contact Oksana)


Oleg Bazhenov


Models cast by Seunta:




Horsenfeffer Hobbies


Models cast by Seunta:


Kathleen Moody

Anyone familiar with model horses has heard the name Kathleen Moody. Like most of us, she started her collection as a child, only to pack the models away as 'real life' intruded. After moving to Arizona, she met collector Lynn Lindren and rediscovered model horses in the mid 1980's.

Kathleen created her first remake in 1986, and has never looked back! This talented and prolific artist has sculpted for Hartland Collectibles and DaBar Enterprises in addition to numerous pieces she's created for Breyer/Reeves International. Kathleen Moody is most well known for sculpting more than 50 equine models for Breyer from large scale porcelains to 1/32nd scale Stablemates and from 1/9th scale Traditional series Breyer models to her Carousel Horse holiday ornaments. Kathleen also sculpted a number of pieces for Hartland as well.


Models cast by Seunta: