3D Printing & Scanning


Seunta now has in-house 3D scanning and printing. We use a multiple camera structured light scanning system that provides ultra high resolution (millions of vertices) combined with SLA resin printing. The end result is a beautiful smooth prototype that can be reproduced. We will be offering different sizes in nearly all of the models we have carried.


This package is for one horse and includes: Structured light scanning, scan fusion & processing, 3D optimization for printing, and printing for one prototype. This offer does not include any shipping charges. 

Size Limitations
Traditional Horse - maximum 7.5" tall, at the withers

HOLIDAY SPECIAL: A gift card is available to purchase until December 31, 2017 for discounted shrinky services without casting.

Master Copy
- The master copy needs to be flat white - either flat white primer or an unpainted resin model.
- The master copy is returned to the artist after scanning.
- Bases need to be detachable from the horse.

The Master File
- All files remains the property of Seunta archives so that the artist may use it in the future for any additional prototypes (saving the money for additional scanning).
- The file will remain in the archives until the artist requests they be deleted. Upon deletion Seunta will certify that no copies remain in the archives.

The Prototype
- Prototypes are solid resin models that are dark gray in color.
- Prototypes are smooth and highly detailed. They need very little cleaning although the artist should take time to inspect the prototype and add any details desired before casting.

- The artist may combine this offer with a Gift of Inspiration for reproduction of the prototype.
- The artist is required to have casting done at Seunta in order to receive shrinking services for free. There is a discounted package available for those wanting to cast their models elswhere.
- Discounted casting packages are available and vary per project. Discounted packages are available for casting both traditional and mini size of the same model.

General Policies
- This offer is for horse sculptures only. Others may inquire for a similar offer.
- No fantasy horses are accepted with this offer (wings, horns, etc). This type of project may inquire for a similar offer.
- This offer includes a project-specific contract (when the artist is ready) with our commitments to you in writing.
- Redeeming this offer will require scheduling with Seunta. Turn around time will depend upon how well the scheduling is done.
- All shipping is USPS Priority/Insured.
- Seunta reserves the right to refuse any sculpture for shrinking. In the past, things such as horses attacking smaller animals and horses that appear dead have been refused.

Your Art
Seunta maintains high regard for any art created by an artist. It is an honor to be trusted to handle any original work. The artist retains all rights to any original work and any copy that is made. Seunta has never, and does not ever, use someone else’s mold, or work, or model copies, for anything other than the production requested by the artist. 

The artist also retains full control over production at all times. Instructions are followed and respected.

Seunta maintains an online store. We have purchased the rights to reproduce, revise and sell these models. The models used for this production were commissioned specifically for this purpose. Any model ever sold by Seunta has fully documented, written consent from an artist that has been well compensated. Production for Seunta and production for artist casting services are two separate divisions and are not located in the same area of the shop.

Reproduction Policy
Sculptures must be original creations. Seunta will not reproduce any model that has a Breyer horse, Stone model horse, or resin model authored by someone else within any part of a sculpture.  Both purchaser of this gift, and recipient, agree to all guidelines and policies posted at the Seunta website (seunta.com).


About the online 3D viewer

The models represented in the 3D viewer are not printer ready models. They are very low resolution in order to display online with ease. Just as with any low resolution image, the closer you zoom in the more pixelated it becomes.  For security purposes, we prefer to not post any premium model mesh online.

The printer ready models have much more detail and take a good bit of computer power to view in original scale. 

Controls for the viewer are:
* left hold mouse button to turn the model in any direction.
* scroll wheel to zoom.
* right hold and drag to move entire body in any direction.


Below is the prototype for the Phoenix Wisp - slightly less than one inch tall. She is pictured here straight from the printer.  


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The models below were made with the same equipment we use. We will have more model photos posted soon!