Marina Krawack

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My interest in horses started since I was a young girl. At age 12, I fall in love to a beautiful Arabian mares photo in a horse book and since that day I loved Arabian horses. Horses like Ansata Ibn Halima, Morafic, Ghazal and many others inspired my work very much.

Also I’m a really great dog lover (I own two German shepherd dogs), but I also love cats and wildlife animals. My most beloved animals are wolves and I hope to find the time to make more wolf sculptures in the future.

I started in the model horse hobby in 1979, with my first Breyer horse. It was Man O’War - I still have him. I was only a collector. I sculpt also for others and have taken commissions for horses, dogs, cats, also a lifesized gorilla baby and a lifesized rabbit are among my work. Also a werewolf :D
— Marina

Models cast by Seunta: