3D Printing & Scanning


Seunta now has in-house 3D scanning and printing. We use structured light scanning that provides ultra high resolution (millions of vertices) combined with SLA resin printing. The end result is a beautiful prototype that can be reproduced.

Once we complete archiving our own models (and our current affiliates) we will be offering affordable scanning and printing services. We will be offering different sizes in nearly all of the models we have carried.


About the online 3D viewer

The models represented in the 3D viewer are not printer ready models. They are very low resolution in order to display online with ease. Just as with any low resolution image, the closer you zoom in the more pixelated it becomes.  For security purposes, we prefer to not post any premium model mesh online.

The printer ready models have much more detail and take a good bit of computer power to view in original scale. 

Controls for the viewer are:
* left hold mouse button to turn the model in any direction.
* scroll wheel to zoom.
* right hold and drag to move entire body in any direction.


Below is the prototype for the Phoenix Wisp - slightly less than one inch tall. She is pictured here straight from the printer.  


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The models below were made with the same equipment we use. We will have more model photos posted soon!